Letter from a Mum to grown up child leaving home

Too much coffee keeps you up at night
It always pays to be polite
A nice walk will cure most ills
More than wine or pills
A picture’s a good way to cover a crack
Smoking doesn’t ‘help you relax’
You can clean round taps with an old toothbrush
Take your time – don’t rush
Go to the seaside as often as you can
Take off your shoes and walk on the sand
Clean your teeth, eat your greens
Share – don’t be mean
Beer doesn’t make you more attractive or bright
Shouting the loudest doesn’t make you right
When you’re feeling tired and crap
Stop and have a nap
Always return what you borrow
Live in today, not tomorrow
Don’t aquire too much stuff
Know when you’ve had enough
Don’t dwell on those who went away
Appreciate the ones that stayed
Lie on the grass, look at the moon
But don’t go camping before June
Don’t let your paperwork get in a muddle
Don’t have sex if you just want a cuddle
Weed just makes you sick and dizzy
Don’t  always be busy
Embrace yourself with all your flaws
Let go of what isn’t yours
Forgive when friends seem cruel or fake
We all make mistakes
Fancy yourself – dance and sing
Look for the good in everything
Keep the truth inside of you
When honest tongues are few
Trust your instincts – you are wise
Know when it’s time to say goodbye
Don’t judge people by how they look
Let yourself off the hook
Look around you wherever you go
Never say yes when you want to say no
Don’t take your phone to bed
Learn how to clear your head
Write poems, sing songs
Nothing that you feel is ‘wrong’
Shopping on Sundays is always a bugger
Remember to ring your Mother xx

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