The seal thrashed and wiggled to climb the muddy bank to bask with her family, friends, and wait for the North Sea tide to come back in so they could swim back home to their watery village, a post-industrial haven, half a mile inland.

in case I forget..

The River rumbled, the cold air blew Blackbirds called from where they flew Graffitied bridges, graced the path Where the … More

Why Can’t You Love Me?

You love your dog you love your car
Sometimes you love a big cigar
You love to go a bit too far
Why can’t you love me?..

Musings on a PPI phone call….

I did what they told me I followed the rules
I kept to myself and worked hard at school
I never asked much, back for my life
So Where’s the returns on my sacrifice?…

On the Wagon

Two months on the wagon
-It’s going very well
I’ve started sleeping better and
I’ve lost that boozy smell…

The Tattoo

It really hurts they chanted
You won’t be able to take it
I’m a woman she replied
With pain I’m well aquainted…

I Grieve For My Madness

I grieve for my Madness
Now it’s so calm and still
Everything’s so dull compared to
When I was ill…