in case I forget..

The River rumbled, the cold air blew Blackbirds called from where they flew Graffitied bridges, graced the path Where the … More

Why Can’t You Love Me?

You love your dog you love your car
Sometimes you love a big cigar
You love to go a bit too far
Why can’t you love me?..

Musings on a PPI phone call….

I did what they told me I followed the rules
I kept to myself and worked hard at school
I never asked much, back for my life
So Where’s the returns on my sacrifice?…

On the Wagon

Two months on the wagon
-It’s going very well
I’ve started sleeping better and
I’ve lost that boozy smell…

The Tattoo

It really hurts they chanted
You won’t be able to take it
I’m a woman she replied
With pain I’m well aquainted…

I Grieve For My Madness

I grieve for my Madness
Now it’s so calm and still
Everything’s so dull compared to
When I was ill…

The Shed

When you were a carpenter there was purpose in your stride
There was an ease about you, you seemed more satisfied…