I Grieve For My Madness

I grieve for my madness
Now it’s so calm and still
Everything’s so dull compared to
When I was ill
I saw vibrant colours
Each subtle shade of green
Took my crazy breath away
In a psychedelic dream
I could love a man so deeply
I wouldn’t let him rest
I tried to melt right into him
To climb inside his chest
I was never bored
It never stopped at all
My head was a pinball machine
My thoughts the silver balls
I wrote ten million words, I cried ten million tears
I rode the rollercoaster, for thirty manic years
But that overwhelming beauty
In the forest and the town
Turned to Earthly terror
On the turn around
And the men I had all left me
They didn’t want that love
I was “too intense”
And they could never be enough
And it had to end sometime
You can’t go on like that..
It just seems a little boring
It just feels a little flat
So I’ll mourn my insanity
But I will let it go
And embrace reality
Although it’s rather slow


  1. You tell stories about my life!
    I am intrigued.
    I’m going to share this and shared the Letter from a Mum…
    Would it be okay if I utilized some of your poems on my site? I would, of course, credit/cite and link you/your site as author.
    I look forward to hearing from you!


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