The Tattoo

It really hurts they chanted
You won’t be able to take it
I’m a woman she replied
With pain I’m well aquainted
A tattoo wouldn’t suit you
The gloomy choir admonished
As she went to fetch her purse
’Cos she’d made herself a promise
You’ll regret it, mark my words
Her children then berated
And no offence but at your age
Who will see you naked?
Wouldn’t you like to know? she smiled
I don’t tell you everything
(Knowing it was nearly time
for her fancy man to ring)
Have you really thought this through?
They can bleed a lot I’ve heard
I bled for 40 years she sighed
And no-one seemed concerned
 Tattoos are vulgar, someone chirped
You’re gonna look so common
I am common, she replied
To the gathering so solemn
But when she got back later
Having been lambasted
The folks had to admit that it
Looked bloody fantastic!!


  1. It certainly does and I am quite envious! My first tattoo was quite small but unique in that it has shareholders! As far as the poem goes I love your ability to document life with such mastery. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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