He wants somebody normal

This poem is a song now too. You can hear it here...

He wants somebody normal -
It’s nothing personal
(He thinks I’m kind and clever
Sweet and beautiful)
He says it wouldn’t work
“Two wrongs don’t make a right”
Because we are both mental
We must call it a night
He’s had another offer
Someone from his past
He says she’s ‘level –headed’
And with her he has a chance
So I can’t go ‘round his house now
That is what he’s said
(because we always end up
Naked in the bed)
I always want to cuddle him
In a Girlfriend kind of way…
But he doesn’t like it
And he pushes me away
But still he asks me back there
For a “Catch-up and a tea”
And then I start to kiss him
..then he’s on top of me
But there’s no future for us
He wants it to end
And I agree, actually –
It drives me round the bend
We’re not at all well suited
It’d be a catastrophe
It really doesn’t help at all
With my Recovery
So I am letting go of him
And doing other things
But I know I’ll run right round there
If he ever rings

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