These are the lyrics to the title track of my
soon-to-be-released CD with duo Black*Scarr.

I drink a lot – it’s true to say
It helps to get me through the day
It’s in my blood, my history
It’s etched in my identity
It’s all I know, it’s who I am
Another pint, another dram
Every woman every man
Down the pub drunk and damned
It’s our inheritance, it’s what we do
It’s our religion, tried and true
Off our heads and it’s our RIGHT
To drool and shout and puke and fight
Our children look on with dismay
At how much we can put away
We’re so funny we’re so great
Our livers groaning with the weight
Welcome to The Drunken Generation
Where nothing’s ever done in moderation
Knocking back our favourite medication
Oh, welcome to the Drunken Generation
It’s our excuse and our reward
Our relief when we get bored
Our saviour and our jailor
A cushion for our failures
One more bottle one more glass
Then fall down on my sorry arse
Come join me in the gutter
With all the other nutters
We’re so notorious we’re bloody glorious
Let’s raise a glass and toast our legacy
It’s our culture it defines us
Takes the edge off, shows us kindness
We drink to congratulate
Commiserate and celebrate
Stumbling ‘round in all directions
Dodging any real connections
On the tab and down the neck
Life is short, so What the Heck?!!
Welcome to the Drunken Generation

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