HEY MRS AVERAGE – letter from a recovering narcissist

You’re nothing special you’re not so great
Take a look at yourself now you’re not off your face
Old Aunt Mediocrity knocks at your door
It’s starting to look like you were a fraud
You saw yourself through the drugs and the booze
The Goddess of Folk, Queen of the Blues
But you fell with a thud from the top of the bill
And there’s no round of applause in your bottle of pills
Hey Mrs Average, reality’s savage
It’s ugly and cold and it’s mean
You’re not legend-ary or  extraordin-ary
It’s time to let go of your dreams
For one so amazing, you’re very secluded
Could it really be, that you were deluded?
Nobody messages nobody phones
You’re not so wonderful, when you’re alone
Those tipsy admirers who followed you ‘round
Have gone very quiet, where are they now?
And why should they be here? You weren’t there for them
They were only your audience you had no friends
Open your eyes, the fantasy’s over
You can’t lie to yourself now that you’re sober
Drop the pretence it’s the final frontier
and welcome to being NORMAL my dear
Jump into the moment brush of the stardust
The life ordin-ary is the one that’s the hardest
Put your fat ego back up on the shelf
You’re just the same now as everyone else

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