Things that frighten me….

Tea break poem for #NationalPoetryDay..

Angry faces emails
Cars going too fast
Therapists and nail bars
Colds and overdrafts          
Ice-breakers and Twitter
Reality TV
Flags and gynaecologists
Are things that frighten me.

Decaf coffee, tabloids 
Life coaches and Zoom
receptionists and weddings
Lifts and waiting rooms
Lorries on the motorway
Big dogs off their leads
Swearing and swastikas
They all frighten me

Self-service checkouts
Answer phones and queues
Driving in the country
Farting on the tube
Spiders and stilettos
Stand up comedy
Perfumeries and exes 
Are things that frighten me

Shopping malls and phone-ins
Getting put on hold
Smelly cheeses, spreadsheets
Men in suits and trolls
Make-up counters, meetings
Parking penalties
Priests and porn and funfairs
They all frighten me 

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