Isolation Suits Me

I’m not a people person
In case you couldn’t tell
So this self-isolation
Suits me rather well
I like to be at home
To potter and to mope
I’ve always tried to keep 6 feet
‘twixt me and other folk
I’m shit at conversation
Chitty chatty stuff
And now, a “Hi” from ‘cross the street
Is deemed to be enough
I like my own company
Mixing makes me tired
and now us anti-socials are
Applauded and admired!
When I cross the road now
To avoid someone I’ve spied
It’s not considered rude
But responsible and kind
I’ve always cut my own hair
It’s quicker and it’s cheap
Now everybody’s doing it
Wonky lockdown chic
And now that nature’s fighting back
From Bangor to Southend
My love for trees can be declared,
It’s actually on trend!
Yes isolation suits me
I’m a miserable cow
But that’s a useful quality
As it goes, for now.


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