The School Photo

Friday, like I always do
I picked my grandson up from school
Said the teacher "please look smart
For Monday's year 6 photograph"

As I watched the children go
I felt the chances were quite low 
That they'd look in as good a nic
as they had in last year's pic

Trousers, skirts, a bit too short,
"They’ll do 'til June," parents thought
"No point buying new ones now, 
The shops are all closed anyhows..."

Shoes and shirts a little tight
A certain madness in their eyes, but
The main thing you could notice there
Was that they had a lot of hair

Mighty afros standing high
Pony tails swinging wide
Plaits and twists thick and lush
Straight hair tangled, where’s your brush?
Curls cascading down young backs
Brown and red and blond and black
Fringes hanging over eyes
Bunches hanging to the side
Boys with buns and alice bands
Twisting locks around their hands

Inside I had a little laugh
About the coming photograph
"Can't wait to see it," I declared
"Class 6B with Lockdown Hair"

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