Said Nature to Man your work is a mess, 
look at it here in Dungeness
Nothing remains between your concrete posts
But a few straggly wires a-waving 

Each kissing gate that I’ve passed
Has nothing either side but grass
If you met me at one would you kiss my arse?
Pleased with herself she chuckled

Your feeble fences stripped by the wind
Steel exposed like twisted limbs
Did you think your barbed wire would stand these things?
But she smiled at Him with kindness..

And now you call it a desert and a fifth continent
To mask your smallness and incompetence
But it’s not your fault you couldn’t conquer it
And brambles now strangle your efforts

But your mirrors of sound have made homes for the birds
And now right out to Camber their calls can be heard
Too complex for your intellectuals and nerds
But for the great structures, Well done Sir

Both your lighthouses that rise up from the stones
Are quite pleasing, and manly too, I suppose
And handy for me to find my way home
When I have been out on the whisky

Said Man to Nature, Why don’t you stay?
But she winked at him and walked away
Stepping aboard the tiny train
Without even buying a ticket

I love you! Man cried into the steam
Tell me how to win you please!
Said she, I am yours, I only tease,
I’ll see you again tomorrow

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