Every month should be October
When days are warm and nights are cold
Those sweaty days of summer over
And leaves rain down red and gold

All this fine month asks of us
Is that we try to stay alive
To Sit at home and ponder on
Another year almost survived

Acceptable now to be quite glum
No requirement for a smile
Just take these dark months as they come
Be quiet and lazy for a while

And though the greens of summer
Were plump and bright and fresh
The colours of the Autumn months
Are easily the best

But October leaves hold sadness too
For they're delicate and thin
And fall down easy from their twigs
In sudden gusts of wind

Julie says she heard that Green
Is just a cover for each leaf
And their noble colours true
Wait hidden underneath

And Autumn lets those leaves become
What they’re supposed to be
When the green of youth falls away
Their real selves are revealed

But just when they have been thus freed
Their frailty means they're almost done
And soon they will be rudely crushed 
By the wellies of the young

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