Musings on a PPI phone call….

I did what they told me I followed the rules
I kept to myself and worked hard at school
I never asked much, back for my life
So Where’s the returns on my sacrifice?
Back Pain and Bills, Long Hours and Addiction
Break-ups, Exhaustion, Bailiffs, Eviction
What am I working for where’s my Reward?
I’m still waiting, fifty and poor
I get home at night tired and cross
Underpaid by a Mean Pervy Boss
The terms were unwritten, non-specific and vague
Just tow the line and never complain
“Why did he leave you and get someone new?
Yer kids need a father, What did you do?”
Where is this God? To forgive my Sin?
Whenever I knock he’s never in
I’ve not been missold a mortgage or loan
But I’m tired and weak and worked to the bone
The truth seems to be sir, I’m sorry to say
That I have been conned in a much bigger way
Have it all back I want a refund instead
I was too young to choose, I was misled
Naive and gullible - I was too kind
They took advantage, I’ve changed my mind
Take back the house – it was never mine
It belonged to the Bank and they bled me dry
Have the car too I could never afford it
Let alone park it, tax or insure it
Take the stuff from my drawers, the knick knacks and shoes
Actually fuck it, take the drawers too
No I wasn’t sold PPI but it seems
That I’ve been missold a false bloody dream


  1. You are a fantastic writer. Your poetry is set to music when I read it. Specifically, indie music like the Moldy Peaches and Regina Spektor (more specifically to name 2 of a few) to give you an idea. 😉


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