Love vs Booze

If there comes a time when I have to choose 
Betwixt the two curses of romance and booze
The highs of a lover or the comfort of beer
Love it will quickly be out on it’s ear
For booze remains constant with no mystery
You know what it’s consequences will be
Whiskey does just what it says on the pack
Warm and accepting, it always comes back
Passion’s a gamble oft insincere
Whilst booze it is gentle and always quite near
Love is confusing, fickle and vague
But booze is forever – not just a phase
Ale doesn’t lie or make me wait
Nor does it blame and manipulate
Love is chaotic and fucks up my head
While booze just soothes, and puts me to bed
Yes love is a bag of dirty old tricks
That fills you with doubt and makes you feel shit
So if I have to choose I know which will win
Love can Fuck Off - Pass me the gin

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