Yellow Stickers

My old man he loves a bargain
Saturdays he's down there sparring
Waiting to pounce
When the cheap stuff comes out
And he doesn't mind a bit of barging
"Stay at Home!" I scold and plead
But he makes off at amazing speed
Strangely glad
To fill his bags
With old food that he doesn't need
He marches in with studied stealth
Unconcerned for weight or health
Pushing, kicking
For that chicken
On the holy half-price shelf
I confess I've often tried to make
Him stay at home with 'home-made cake'
But however sweet
I can't compete
With produce past it's sell-by date
Oh the joy upon his Hunter's face!
When he presents his haul from that place
"But how will we eat
all this?" I repeat
"It's for the freezer, just in case..."
I swear he loves those yellow stickers
I've never seen him with such jitters
He'd rather rummage
'round that store
Than rummage 'round inside my knickers

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