I avoid uncertainty - I like things to add up
Life needs careful planning, I don’t believe in luck
I keep things in order so that everything will fit
I stay away from drama, and things I can’t predict
I dislike like surprises, I like to feel prepared
Unexpected turns make me feel a little scared
I make sensible decisions, weigh up the pros and cons
But it all goes out the window, when it comes to John
 I try hard not to let myself be led a merry dance
I didn’t get where I am now by leaving things to chance
I enjoy a story where everything works out
Those cliff-hanger endings, I can live without
I’m wary of the unknown – I don’t go there any more
I like to know precisely what tomorrow has in store
I like things neat and tidy to keep me feeling strong
But it all goes out the window, when it comes to John
 I like to think I’m logical and I can clearly see
when a situation won’t be good for me
I dodge the unfamiliar, the vague and the unclear
I don’t trust what I can’t touch or see or hear
So I’m cautious with affection, I consider all the risks
I wait for weeks or months, before offering a kiss
But my reason takes it’s leave, my self-control’s all gone
All gone out the window, when it comes to John

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