A Lot Of Weather

“What about this weather then?” Mrs Miller says this morn,
“One minute there’s a heatwave – the next we’ve got a storm”
It’s an awful lot we’re having, there’s no denying that,
God only knows if I’ll need my coat and scarf and hat.
There’s newspapers and wheelie bins blowing ‘round the place
Brollies blown clean inside out, by that Storm What’s-his –Face
Washing in, Washing out! “Stop jumping in them puddles!
Those trousers better not be wet!!”  (Somebody’s in trouble…)
The bluebells all gunned down, by hailstones don’t you know?
Last week my baby daffodils bent double under snow.
Monday was black clouds, then sun, Tuesday, wind and sleet
Wednesday saw fifteen degrees – I couldn’t bloody sleep!
Thursday it got cold again but by lunchtime it had turned
Sweating in my warmest coat, I swear my nose got burned!
No-one knows quite what to pack – Suncream? Wellies? Shawl?
Still, “Ne’er cast a clout ‘til May be out” is prob’ly the best call.

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