The Actor

Unused to the theatre
I thought I’d try my hand
and right on cue I went and fell
for the leading man
When my guard was down
He delivered his first lines
Well-rehearsed and confident
Beautifully – timed
He played his part so expertly
And I fell into his bed
My blood ran hot as coffee
With everything he said
I almost wanted to applaud
When he played the final scene
‘twas as if I had a front row seat
At a fancy West End screen
“I Never Said I Loved You!”
“What Do You Want From Me?”
But I didn’t really know the script
Or who I was meant to be
Oh, costumes, lights and curtains!
Drama, lust and fun!
But now the show is over
Dusted, dead and done
What I didn’t realise
About my little part
Was I was just the understudy
And another owned your heart
And what a twist it ended with
A devastating blow!
I was the villain all along!
Oh, Bravo, BRAVO, BRAVO!!

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