The Rag of Spring

 New shirt with old jeans
Smell of Al’s coffee beans
Soft pyjamas on my skin
Sweet sound of a mandolin
Sunset over Wanstead Flats
Garden walls with grumpy cats
Bluebells bursting from the ground
In love again with this old town
Open window – favourite song
In my head now all day long
Old men in trilby hats
Jumble sales full of tat
Apple crumble, Sammy’s laugh
Spending two hours in the bath
Dark chocolate, daffodils
Sparrow on my window sill
Tattoo on my lover’s arm
Bob Dylan, Lindisfarne
Rona’s hair – soft and brown
Netflix in our dressing gowns
Whiff of warm ale from the pub
Pigeons chasing after love
Seeming like the rag of Spring
Rubs a shine on everything


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