Genius Son

When I was a younger woman
(Some might say too young..)
I gave birth to a baby boy
A Genius son…


These are the lyrics to the title track of my
soon-to-be-released CD with duo Black*Scarr.

I drink a lot – it’s true to say
It helps to get me through the day
It’s in my blood, my history
It’s etched in my identity

It’s all I know, it’s who I am
Another pint, another dram
Every woman every man
Down the pub drunk and damned
Welcome to The Drunken Generation…

Fiddle dee dee

I wrote this today for my year 3 violin class (7 and 8 year olds) – sometimes I love my job.. ❤

When life is a struggle
And my head’s in a muddle
I pick up my fiddle
And give it a cuddle…

Why Can’t You Love Me?

You love your dog you love your car
Sometimes you love a big cigar
You love to go a bit too far
Why can’t you love me?..

Musings on a PPI phone call….

I did what they told me I followed the rules
I kept to myself and worked hard at school
I never asked much, back for my life
So Where’s the returns on my sacrifice?…